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Shandong Haoyuan Group
Add: Vegetable Building, No. 9 Haoyuan Road, Shouguang, Shandong, China
Tel: +86-536-5670001
Fax: +86-536-5286777
Website: www.haoyuangroup.cn
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 Company profile
Shandong Haoyuan Group is located in Shouguang city (the capital of vegetable in China) which is in the south bank of Laizhou Bay of the beautiful Shandong Peninsula. Haoyuan Group is a comprehensive entity of production and management, including technology, Chemicals, electrical light source, mineral resources, International business and machine making. Haoyuan Group has many subsidiaries , including ShouGuang holy bang chemical Co., Ltd. Haoyuan Group is specialized in the manufacturing, sales and management of API, Intermediates, Bromides, Chemical auxiliaries for oilfield, Chemicals for paper making, Sewage treatment chemicals, specialized detergents, Bromine, Brominated flame retardants, Tri-band fluorescent materials, Ecological lighting device, Crude salt, Oil accessories, Services of oilfield drilling mud, Construction and road making project, Anticorrosion and heat preservation projects, Sewage treatment, Knitted bags, Auto parts, Electrical appliances, Building materials, Hardware, Labor and social security supplies, International business, Real estate development and sales, Installation of electricity, water and warm, Decoration inside and outside the rooms, etc. 
Haoyuan Group has a registered capital of 128.22 million in RMB, an area of 1.8 million square meters, and a total assets of 300 million in RMB. The industrial value chains are made up by the cohesion and close cooperation of many fields, such as Technology, Chemical industry, Pharmaceuticals, RE fluorescent materials, Lights and illuminations, Building materials, Real estate and Mineral resources. Under the advantages of quick and thoughtful services, Haoyuan provides the market with hi-tech products to realize the value of the products finally. 
Treating "technical improvement " as the core and " creditable management" as the guide, Haoyuan Group cooperates with successful enterprises, takes advantages of them, shares resources each other and realize coordinated development. Haoyuan Group is trying to strive first in the same industry by its strong comprehensive strength.
Mr. Yangming, President of the group, like to communicate with the thinking people domestic and abroad to develop together.
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